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The Cultures of the World (www.culturedelmondo.org) Association is proud to present its latest initiative: Letture del Mondo – Readings of the World! (www.read.culturedelmondo.org)

This new blog series is devoted to exploring literature, music and cinema from around the world that particularly resonates with our mission: to harness the power of culture to foster awareness of our common humanity, dialogue and mutual knowledge. 

In these turbulent times, we firmly believe that it is all the more important to understand and appreciate those who may be “Other” from us due to race, religion, nationality and more. Through Letture del Mondo, we hope to raise awareness of these themes in order to inspire discussions and contribute, in our way, to promoting global peace – in a convivial space where readers to exchange views and cultivate their passions. 

We will soon be accepting pitches for submissions: watch this space for more details! In the meantime, we warmly invite you to take part in our conversations.